Here are some of the things our customers have said about us:

Roni does a wonderful job. She is an excellent groomer and my dogs love her. I trust her completely, and I refuse to let anyone else groom my dogs. She has been grooming my 3 dogs for the past eight years at other shops where she has been employed. I was thrilled when she decided to open her own mobile grooming business. It is very convenient. I don’t have to drop off my dogs at a salon, where they have to sit all day in a kennel and get stressed out.
I don’t even have to be home. I just give her a code to my home and she lets herself in to get the dogs. I leave her payment and tip on the table, and she leaves me a report card on the dogs. My dogs always look great! She does cost a little more than a traditional salon, but she is definitely worth it for the quality and convenience. I highly recommend her service.
Ken B

Roni is simply the best. Roni has been grooming my Chandler for years and it has only gotten better. Now Roni comes to my home to groom Chandler in her new grooming mobile. It’s easier on Chandler since grooming time is cut in half, and on me since I don’t need to do the driving. The experience has been a lot less stressful for my elderly Cavalier. The entire process from scheduling, to grooming, to invoicing is so easy.


Thank you Roni!!!


Carol Halls

Roni’s Mobile Grooming was fantastic. She called ahead to say she was on her way, confirmed address and gave an ETA. She was very attentive to my little Sophie
and did a great job grooming her. Payment was an easy process and we got set up for another grooming in 6 weeks. When she left, Sophie actually cried and went looking for her. I highly recommend her for a  groomer and to have her come to our home was a bonus.

Good Luck Roni-I know you’ll do a fantastic job!

 Dawn Schnickel